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Online Gaming Payment Processing

The digital and virtual worlds are continuing to expand. But conventional banking and merchant account systems have often struggled to keep pace with the growth of cryptocurrency, online gaming, and microtransactions through apps. This can hinder the development of games that rely on online gaming payments to power up, add features, and create online goods—but that's where MID Kingz comes in. Our merchant processing solutions are designed to enable online gaming payments with the features, convenience, and security that suit everyone's needs. Keep reading to see what our online gaming payment processing services can bring to your business and customers for smoother, more monetized gameplay.

Online Payment Processing: What Is It?

Online payment processing is the quick and secure facilitation of online purchases through a debit or credit card. Ultimately, it sums up the entire transaction process. eCommerce sites and online payment dashboards have been using online payment processing for years, and it relies on these key elements:

  • Security: Credit and debit card payments (or online payments through Paypal, Apple, and other emerging options) require complete encryption to secure the information. Good encryption systems also ensure that the business platform or mobile app never directly houses the credit details, protecting your organization from liability and additional security requirements.
  • Customization: When it comes to payment platforms, they can often be disruptive, especially if someone is trying to log in to pay a bill. However, for online shopping sites, payment processing must be as seamless as possible for online shopping sites to avoid interrupting the purchasing process. This is achieved by saving payment details and enabling single-click purchasing. For mobile and online games, payment processing needs to be even less obtrusive to allow customers to increase their online currency smoothly, place bets, or purchase virtual goods.
  • Protection for the consumer and the vendor: As systems scale, disputes will arise. Credit card users may dispute a charge because they didn’t receive goods or because the charge was from a stolen card. Merchant processing systems help mediate these incidents and facilitate money movement.

Payment Processing Benefits for Online Gaming Accounts

Choosing the right merchant services for your online game is essential. Not only do you want your customers to feel confident making purchases across your system, but you also need to have a consistent, reliable infrastructure for making money. The right online gaming merchant account will offer the following:

  • Low fees: Because so many transactions are small and frequent, you need a solution that can handle high volumes, microtransactions, and everything in between without nickel and diming you.
  • Speed: Online gambling sites, especially, need payment processing solutions that can quickly pool winnings and distribute them to the right players without long delays or complications. At the same time, the merchant processor needs to be able to manage and transfer funds for pots so users can’t withdraw without paying after losing a game.
  • Multiple Options: You will encounter many different payment methods with online players, from cryptocurrency to major credit and debit brands to game-specific tokens and gift cards. Ensure you can accept all of these commonly used forms of currency so you don’t frustrate or turn away gamers.

How Can MID Kingz Help With Your Online Gaming Merchant Account?

At MID Kingz, we specialize in offering the unique payment processing solutions that today’s businesses need. From nutraceuticals to online gaming to gambling, our merchant account solutions can help. We provide around-the-clock support for games based in any hemisphere, and our integrations can support major payment methods. We also offer services to companies identified as high-risk merchants, such as those involved in gambling, digital goods, membership, gaming, and other online sales. These industries have a higher-than-average risk of chargebacks and unusual transaction patterns that other merchant services can’t support—but you can reach out to our team and apply for the right merchant account today.

Streamline Your Gaming Transactions With MID Kingz Payment Solutions

You can’t process payments or facilitate gameplay without an online gaming payment processing solution powering your online gambling or games sites. Contact MID Kingz today to apply for a gaming merchant account that fits your business and business plan to grow your empire.

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