Black Friday 2020 Marketing Plan

Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day here in the United States. Preparation for this crazy holiday shopping season is already left and right. Experts predict holiday shopping will become more virtual than ever between now and the end of the year. Great deals aren’t canceled. But. Shopping like everything else in the new normal, Black Friday 2020 will be somewhat different this year.

As a business owner, try to answer the following questions to help you identify your business’s readiness for the new normal.

1. What are your preparations for Black Friday 2020?

Take full advantage of your customers’ willingness to spend on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season. Shoppers in this new normal won’t be flooding into your physical store. You have to prepare your online presence. Get your social media platforms and website ready for what is to come.

2. What are your plans to attract large crowds of people while competitors are also having their extreme sales on Black Friday 2020?

Come up with a creative strategy designed to drive more sales. Black Friday Surprise is a good example. It’s like your site will offer different great deals within the day. This strategy encourages spending and keeps your customers coming back to check the new offers.

3. Do you have an e-commerce website?

In today’s situation, we see E-commerce is here to stay. This will only grow to be indispensable for businesses in the future.

Bad weather. Staffing falls short. Struggle with queues of customers. All this can’t be a hindrance when you are operating an online store. It is essential to optimize your website and be well-developed for you to enjoy the whole range of opportunities that E-commerce can offer your business.

4. Are your social media pages active?

Social media pages for entrepreneurs are more than just adding friends, liking, and following. These platforms allow business owners for immediate interaction and customer feedback. Most importantly, it becomes an avenue for free promotion. Social media pages need to be active for continuous engagement. Check your page to see if it has a good advertising setup and effectively promotes your Black Friday deals.

5. Are you accepting online payments?

It is advantageous to offer your customers as many contactless payment options as possible during this time. The more payment options customers have, the more likely they will complete their purchase on your site. This can build a difference in the number of sales you can make.

Your business’s readiness for the number of customers who research online purchases matters. Black Friday 2020 is the perfect time to offer online payment. This allows your customers to make purchasing more convenient. The fact that they visited your site indicates their interest in your products or services. If you want this opportunity to slip away, it is now in your hand. This is an edge for you to convert this interest into sales.

There are a variety of different payment processors. You can also consider getting a free consultation with Mid Kingz merchant account experts about your products and business and the MID solutions they have for them. Mid-Kingz multi-channel MID solutions allow you to scale your business with almost a dozen processing options successfully. Now it’s time to get started with the Black Friday 2020 marketing game plan. Begin it by choosing a merchant account provider that you can rely on

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