Mid Kingz can get your merchant account

approved when others can't, and fast!

MID Kingz large network of solutions gives you a variety of merchant account options.

  • Accept Credit Cards
    Accept Credit Cards
    Start accepting credit cards fast with our convenient online application.
  • Retail
    MID Kingz offers POS systems and terminals for your retail business. EMV capable, PCI Compliant, and modern for 2020!
  • Cash Discount
    Cash Discount
    Offset the cost of credit card processing fees by encouraging customers to pay in cash.
  • Get High Risk MID's (Merchant Accounts)
    Get High Risk MID's (Merchant Accounts)
    Do you have an e-commerce website? Accept payments online to increase revenue.
  • Scale Your Business
    Scale Your Business
    Increase your sales by accepting credit cards. Get your merchant account approved today!
  • Save Time
    Save Time
    Your time is valuable so we won't waste it!
  • Secured Payments
    Secured Payments
    All transactions are secured and encrypted for safety and security. Start accepting credit cards today.
  • Customer Support
    Customer Support
    Have questions or concerns? Give us a call or drop us a message. Providing excellent support is our #1 goal.

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3 easy steps

to start accepting credit cards

  • <span> 01. </span>   Request a Free Consultation
    01. Request a Free Consultation
    Get a free consultation with our merchant account experts about your products and business, and the MID solutions we have for them.
  • <span> 02. </span>   Get Approved
    02. Get Approved
    Get the Merchant Accounts, Payment Gateway, and Fraud Protection Tools to keep your MID's healthy and active.
  • <span> 03. </span>   Scale and Rest Easy
    03. Scale and Rest Easy
    Our multi-channel MID solutions allow you to successfully scale your business with almost a dozen processing options. This also assures you don't have to put all your eggs in one basket, and can scale safely.

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